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HYC demand strengthen of VDP and Directorate of Anti-Infiltration in Meghalaya

After the declaration of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam several neighbouring states in North East region including Meghalaya have put up several entries and exits point to tackle the influx in the state. Over 19 lakhs citizens were left out in the latest NRC list which as release on 31st August.

The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) today met the Director General Police of Meghalaya Shri.  R. Chandranathan to demand the Meghalaya police to strengthen the man power in the Directorate of Anti-infiltration.

Speaking to reporter after the meeting President Robertjune Kharjarin said that after the release of the NRC, those whose names excluded from the list will automatically sneak into Meghalaya as they have nowhere else to go, therefore it is the duty of the Police Department to increase their man power in the anti- infiltration directorate in all district of Meghalaya. He also added that all Village Authority and Village Defence Party should be given ample power in order to prevent entry and settlement of illegal immigrants in any villages of Meghalaya. The Union has also suggested to setup 24*7 check gate in each and every roads both at interstate and international Border of the State.

Meanwhile Director General Police of Meghalaya Shri. R. Chandranathan said that the Police Department will set up grievances officers to deal with the issues and help line number will be displayed in the Police websites for any query regarding this matter.

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