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By Sumar Singh Sawain

The election scenario like the monsoon rain is unpredictable with the sun shining throughout the day, while the rain and storm lashing out at midnight till dawn. Political parties are in a state of disarray, inspite of their attempts to consolidate. For a long time elections in the state have produced results of a hung assembly, resulting in last minute patching up of political parties in the formation of coalition governments, which have done more harm in the day to day administration including implementation of schemes and other developmental activities. 

There is absence of cohesion and the spirit of co-operation between the ruling parties, which is often reflected in the debates on the floor of the State Legislative Assembly.

There is this constituency outlook of most of the legislatures rather than the interests on matters affecting the state as a whole. What is worst is the glaring infighting, even within a particular party over the leadership issue. The present leader Mukul Sangma is however fortunate that the Congress Party to which he belongs has been able to cling to his chair, because of the firm support he gets from the party high command against the rebels within his party fold in the legislature and in the state.