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-By Subir Deb

So widespread is the influence of the disruptive forces in India’s North Eastern States that even the recent watershed development like launching of GST, the One India One Tax regime, on the midnight of 30th June could not, for a moment, muffle or contain the voice of racism and regionalism that is booming in that corner of our country!

On 25th June, 2017 at Delhi Golf Club, Talin Lyngdoh, a Khasi lady from Meghalaya, was humiliated and shown the door because her traditional costume “Jainsem” was perceived to be a maid’s uniform.

This incident snowballed into a national outrage. “Can a country where class division is so sharp really call itself a democracy!” is the editorial exclamation of a popular news paper of the North-East.

This unfortunately is the trend in the North-East of twisting any undesirable incident into a racist, caste or indigenous controversy to create communal furor.

Now that the heat and dust have settled down after the initial flare-up, hopefully the sanity would make a come back. So, an effort is being made here to rewind and replay the tape, on a sample basis, to recollect who said what in an attempt to relate these with the ground reality – from the National perspective.