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The dismal state of today’s higher education especially in engineering courses in India itself is very much alarming. There are almost two million students getting enrolled in various engineering courses in government and private colleges. It is estimated that 1.7 million engineering graduates are produced every year and keeps adding in to the numbers year after year, which is more than the USA and China combined.

How many of them are in a position to attain suitable as well as sustainable jobs as per their choices and skills? It is learnt that less than five lakhs are engaged in to the job while the rest remain either unemployed or under employed. It raises enormous concerns of the fate of those poor unemployed graduates as well as their parents? Isn’t it a reflection of the economic downturn in the country? They keep running door to door – pillar to pillar with a degree in hand to grab a job. Even if one gets to clutch a job that may not be having any type of connection with one’s subject. And yet most of them are bound to take up jobs which seem to be well below their technical qualification. They are willing to work in any salary forsaking even their degree profile. For example: four of my office colleagues who once passed out from some of the reputed IIT and NITs of this country have nothing to do with their engineering degree with the job they carry out presently. The jobs they are executing now happen to be in a totally different field.

There are number of reasons: - Simply may be due to the inadequate applied skills they earn during the course they prefer or to make their livelihood to withstand. Moreover, they are shouldering a burden to repay their education loan too. The tension of those students goes high soon they consume the bank’s waiting period to get a job and start repaying the same. The opening of the job market is also not adequate  to accommodate them as per the technical qualification they attained once. It is indeed a serious disorder in this field of education.

So called substandard engineering colleges are mushrooming everywhere in India now and added one after another to the numbers. They tactfully update their brochures year after years guarantying hundred percent placements but the reality is something else. A huge number of poor students are becoming prey and succumbed to these money chasing institutes every year. On the other hand, there is a significant declination towards the commitment of the teachers and for which the knowledge level of the students going down. Scoring better marks by the students in the exam any how is the prime motto for a sizeable numbers of institutes. They pay less importance to the mandate of the All India Council for Technical Education.

Rabin Prasad Kalita

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