January 2019 issue

Nowhere is Here

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Nowhere is Here


The place to be! What a beautiful way to end the year

 "Nowhere is Here" was more than a music festival, it was like a night club but outdoors. Welcoming the New Year with a Bang! Good vibes everywhere. No better way to enjoy the night, Cozy bond fire, amazing food& beverages, amazing people around and the best part, awesome music, all out in the open on a beautiful starlit night.

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Rescue operation continues for trapped miner

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Rescue operation continues for trapped miners

Coal India limited began pumping out water from the old shaft in the Ksan mine where the tragedy occurs. At present laying and fitting of pipes is going on and pumping will start from tomorrow. The CIL survey team also conducted a survey and took the measurement of the water level and reported that the water level does not recede .Coal India Limited also pump the water from 6.00 pm in the evening till today 1.00 pm and 20 hrs pumping the discharge is approximately 2268000 liters. The fire service started pumping at 11.00 am today, while the KSB a German company preparation to install the pump is going on and side by side laying of pipe is carried out. The KSB is expected that their pump will function from tomorrow. Drs. Dewashish Kumar, senior scientist from CSIR–NGRI, Hyderabad today carried on electric tomography survey to see on rock strata and also the loose formation in the service.

The Plenys-Chennai technology comprising Dr. Vineet Kumar and his team at present using the ROV also surveyed the nearby shaft .The Indian Navy divers at present are trying to recover the ROV which got stuck since last night.

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Dr Rajendra Prasad: The First President of India A Tribute

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It is indeed a formidable task to encapsulate the life of such an illuminating personality in a few pages, who was not only an emblem of compassion and honesty, but also a saint in politics and a committed soldier of social service.

Rajendra Prasad was born at a small village Ziradei under the then Bengal Presidency (after the bifurcation of Bengal it came under Saran District of Bihar). The young Rajendra was first initiated into learning Persian, as was the tradition, by a scholarly Maulvi and later he also learnt Hindi and Arithmetic.

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NESO observed ‘Black Day’

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NESO observed ‘Black Day’

The North East Students’ Organization (NESO) observed ‘Black Day’  across the Northeastern region protesting against Madhabbari police firing  incident in Tripura where the police open fired on the protestors opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 on 8th January using rubber bullets and used tear gas. After the firing incident, prohibitory order under Section 144 of the CrPC had been imposed for an indefinite period at Tripura’s Madhabbari and adjacent areas.

NESO adviser Samujjal Bhattacharyya slammed the Tripura Government and Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb and stated that Deb is “incapable” of understanding the pain of indigenous people.


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Role of MSMEs on Development of North East Region

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A cursory review of MSMEs in the Northeastern States

ASSAM: MSMEs is one of the vibrant sectors in Assam leading with more than 60 percent shares compared to other states while rest of the states together comes around 40 percent. More than 50 per cent of fixed investment, 65 per cent of output and 55 per cent of employment of entire Northeastern region is shared by Assam.


On the basis of the projected figure by the Ministry of MSMEs Government of India, number of MSMEs units in Assam are more than 2,40,000  having investment of Rs. 1500 crore with turnover production around 7000 crore and employing over 6 lacs.

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