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Showing India how wonderful the National Anthem can be when given a new Avtar in local dialect accompanied by regional musical instruments, Meghalaya has clocked a new history on September 14, 2021 when the state’s Legislative Assembly was hummed by it in Khasi-Garo way.

It was recorded at Marqbac Studios of Shillong. What is most important, the Khasi-Garo version of Jana Gana Mana….has now come to be known as the Meghalaya-Style National Anthem thus creating a history of sorts in musical way. This will inspire other states also to follow Meghalaya.    

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Assam is marching towards peace under the able leadership of Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma. The recent accord is the step in that direction. The historic Karbi Anglong Accord signed is a tripartite agreement between the Assam government, the six factions of the Karbi and the government of India. According to the accord, the armed groups shall shun the path of violence, surrender their weapons and disband their organisations within one month of the signing of the agreement. All camps occupied by these groups shall be vacated right after. As per official records, thousand militants would return to the mainstream and lay down more than 300 sophisticated arms they possess. As per the report the former militants submitted a total of 338 weapons, including 8 light machine guns with 11,203 bullets, 11 M-16 rifles and 58 AK-47 rifles so far.

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