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Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s level of aspiration and expectation. To this, we turn our attention to a talented and tenacious aspiring Actor, Model, Entrepreneur and Social Activist, Miss Preeti Thapa creating her own legacy within the community. Owning beauty with intelligence, she holds Masters in Sociology and the tag of Mega Miss North East 2012 and Miss Eclectic 2010.  She is in the fashion industry since 12 years and is the Founder of Symbol of Sneh Society.  

She imparts an important life lesson for all the budding models and actresses. Let’s know more about her in an interaction with Eastern Panorama !

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Discover the amazing tastes of Thai Cuisine

Thailand is considered a ‘Paradise’ not only for its breathtaking beauty and inspiring culture but also for its culinary brilliance. From the dynamic lifestyle of Bangkok to the serene seaside towns in the South and tranquil villages along the Mekong River, Thai cuisine is a rich and diverse as its culture. Uniquely crafted to appeal to all tastes, Thai food combines the best of flavours, textures, colours, and presentation. Add this to the country’s wealth of ancient cooking secrets and Thai hospitality, one finds a culinary treasure trove that offers an enriching and memorable dining experience.

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The Supreme Court verdict on tax exemption for old settlers and Sikkimese women married to non-locals, has been the talk of the small hill state. Lately, the 'immigrant' tag on the Sikkimese Nepali community in the court’s judgement has seen resignation by leaders, who have called for a 'Sikkim Ekta Rally', led by former football player Bhaichung Bhutia and his Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP).

Bhaichung Bhutia and the Sikkim Republican Party (SRP) President KB Rai condemned the ‘immigrant’ tag upon the Sikkimese Nepali community in the SC verdict. Bhaichung questions as to why has the State government not appealed against the immigrant tag on the Sikkimese Nepali community in the apex court’s verdict?

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Election is a crucial democratic process of plumping for suitable individuals to run an establishment. With barely few weeks left for Tripura and Nagaland along with Meghalaya, to go to the State Assembly polls on February 16 and 27 respectively, heightened political activities in the form of strategy and   realignment by leaders of contending parties are going on these days in all these poll-bound States, which have 60-member Assembly. Although the much-awaited poll schedules have been announced by the Election Commission, campaigning by contesting political parties is yet to gain momentum with the process of realignment and finalisation of lists of nominees for the elections by leaders of some parties being delayed by State-based social groups seeking to form a regional platform with like-minded parties to fight the upcoming elections on the major plank of a separate statehood in both Nagaland and Tripura.


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The issue of election freebies is not confined to Meghalaya alone. The two very recent and popular examples concern the Delhi government under Arvind Kejriwal and the central government under Prime Minister Modi. The former has offered a number of freebies such as education, electricity, medical tests, transportation, water, etc which was circulating in the news as revdi (sweet dish) culture; the latter has promised free ration every month to 80 crores Indians till December, 2023. These two examples show that all political parties look at freebies as a means to win votes. This underlines the fact that as long as the people are poor, one can prey on their poorness and promote oneself into power. The case of Meghalaya is more intriguing. While struggling on many socio-economic development indicators, the infusion of election freebies by candidates/parties is troubling. It depicts that politics in Meghalaya is not about vision and goals, growth and development, livelihood and transformation. In the perception of the candidates/parties, the voters can be emotionally and psychologically played with and it basically sends a certain type of message.  

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