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Winter Care

Winter is just not about warm clothes, fireside reading, snuggling close to the pillows wrapped from head to toe with a comfy quilt. It is time to battle the cold winds that hamper your body and hair.


Water plays an important role in keeping your skin alive and a good amount helps in retaining moisture as well keeping skin disorders at bay. Fruits and vegetables in your daily diet release a lot of water to your system.
Use the paste of ground green gram powder instead of soap to work your way to soft and supple skin.
Pamper you skin with a little coconut oil before you bathe and use a creamy soap that renders that extra suppleness to your skin.
Add a few drops of oil to the water that you are using for your bath. Avoid using very hot water during winter as it can decrease the natural oils of your skin.

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Your Brows

Which Tweezer?

Thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hair, and plucking ingrown hair.

Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control.

Square Tip: Best used for removing coarse hair or several strands of hair at a time.

1.Tweeze immediately after showering or apply a hot washcloth to loosen hair follicles.

2.Hold a pencil vertically along the side of the nose. Eyebrow should start from the outside edge of pencil.

Hint: Leaving a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.

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Tips for Removing Blackheads

A paste made out of ground radish seeds and water applied to the face right on the site of a blackhead is an effective blemish remover. Leave the paste on for about 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Boil 3-4 cups of water and add 2 tsp soda bicarbonate. Steam a towel with this and place the towel on the face. Repeat 5-6 times. Now rub the face in the area of the blackheads with a paste of 1 tsp curd mixed with 1 tsp of rice flour. Wash with cold water.

Apply a sandalwood and rosewater face pack on the affected areas and wash with cold water after it gets dry. This keeps your skin cool and removes blackheads.

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Lip Care

With age, your lips also show aging signs. The youthful glow and sexy appeal gradually disappear. These handy lip care treatments can offer you a perfect pout for a life time. Grab the right beauty lip care regimes and add glamor to your appearance.

Long Lasting Lip Color

During various activities, such as, drinking, eating, licking the lips, interacting with others, your lip color gradually fades. Considering this Add a comment Read more: Lip Care

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Home Manicure Tips

Properly groomed fingernails are not only attractive, they are practical. While maintaining your nails, keep in mind that with a great manicure, you’re less likely to have to repair them later.

Painting your fingernails is an art. Remember, your hands will show age before the rest of your body. Take care of them, keep them moisturized and well manicured and you can defy the experts.

Filing and Buffing your nails

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