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It has a collection of fifty articles some of which were actually delivered as speeches but the main underlying theme that binds these is Narendra Modi's vision of social harmony. Most of these essays were written or spoken a long time back but the recurrent theme even now is extremely relevant:  how to establish harmony and how to make our life profoundly peaceful and prosperous.

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This quote is attributed to Mark Twain and quite aptly depicts the true plight of an addict, be it of smoking cigarettes or of other materials or formulations. My experience of working with drug addiction began during the days of my medical education during which drugs would appear overtly and covertly as causes or contributing factors to many conditions; the more explicit cases would need hospitalization.

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We worship Goddess Durga, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Kali and many other goddesses but on the other hand we are denying equality to the women. We pray to Goddess Durga who is the symbol of shakti – a feminine form of power but at the same time witch hunting, rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence against women etc are going on in our society. Is it not hypocritical to worship Devi Durga, if we believe women are inferior to men in real life?

It's an irony that a society that worships Goddess Durga, who embodies Shakti, or the feminine form of power, is actually dominated by males and women have to bear the brunt of their atrocities.

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There is no denying that Assam is the most productive of all other States in the Northeast region of our country. But in spite of it, the State has not been able to emerge as a powerful economic power in the country due to its major problems retarding the process of development in the State: the twin issues of intractable floods and erosion, rising prices, burgeoning unemployment and power crisis. But at present there is no major issue in the news radar excepting for power crisis.

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Northeastern Meghalaya state, the Khasis have been considered the best example of a society where women are called above men. In a state of around 3 million people, the Khasis constitute nearly 35% of the population and together with the Jaintia and Garo tribes follow the matrilineal tradition. Khasi are an ancient tribe said to be the "largest surviving matrilineal culture in the world. The matrilineal tradition which the Khasi and other subgroups practice in Meghalaya is unique within India. Matrilineal principles among the Khasi are emphasised in myths, legends, and origin narratives. Khasi kings embarking on wars left the responsibility of running the family to women and thus their role in society became very deep rooted and respected. Reference to Nari Rajya (female kingdom; or land of matriarchy) in the epic Mahabharata likely correlates with the Khasi and Jaintia Hills and Meghalaya's present-day matrilineal culture.

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