March 2019

A soldier becomes a foreigner in his own land

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Once again 2019 has turned out to be a disastrous year for the beleaguered Gandhi scion as he failed to reach the three digit figure in the general elections—keeping aside these political cocktails, the dubbing of a retired Captain of Indian Army Mohammad Sannaullah as a D-Voter will continue to haunt the people of Assam in the years to come.

This is not only shameful but also a violation of human rights because the person in question is a Kargil war veteran and a soldier who has sacrificed his glorious young days for his motherland.

Sannaullah’s fate was sealed on May 23 by the Foreigner’s Tribunal (FT) of Boko and the very next day he was sent to a detention camp.

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Manthan - An International Street Theatre Festival

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Manthan - An International Street Theatre Festival

A street play is not just meant for entertainment, a street play artist feels the stories of ignored people, sees the unheeded situations, sees the unseen time and that is what we want you to feel, only then there will be the change in the mindset of people, change in the thinking, change in the society. With this definition of change, 'Verve'- The Street Play Society Of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies is organising their 12th edition of 'Manthan'- India's largest street play festival. 

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What Sikkim thinks today, the rest of India thinks tomorrow

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Sikkim’s small size and the status as a landlocked state have worked against it. What happens in this quiet little place, tucked among the Himalayas in the northeastern corner hardly interests this country where the big-boys are competing to make themselves heard. Indian politics is all about the number game and Sikkim, with just one Lok Sabha MP, does not measure up to the expectations of the number-hungry politicians who control national politics. The media and all the platforms of national significance are bursting at the seams with the ear-splitting clamour of those who represent larger states or larger political parties.

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Abhyudaya Project Aamar Bidyalay, Aamar Abhiman

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The students, teachers, district administration and Eckovation are the drivers of change to deliver quality education at the doorstep of students who otherwise cannot even afford to avail it owing to the economic and locational constraints.

Abhyudaya Dhubri, an innovative model to ensure quality education to all the students using technology.

The general view about the Indian public school system with muddled infrastructure, shortage of staff and poor performance of students, the situation in Dhubri is even more complex. Most of the students come from BPL families and geographically remote riverine island regions, where they need to make a choice between going to school or go for daily wages to support their families livelihood. Many students just take admission to become beneficiaries of Government Schemes like Mid Day Meal, school uniforms, completely free education supported by required books and notebooks. 

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Manipur’s Famous Women’s Market

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In majority of cultures of Northeastern states of India, indigenous women traditionally manage trade and commerce. Manipur, the Indian border State boasts of having one of the largest networks of women’s market not only in India but in the whole of Asia.

Markets are called Keithel in Manipur and exhibit a sophisticated system of trade. The term market seems inadequate to describe what a Keithel really is and the role it plays in the local economy, culture and society. Kei translates as storehouse while thel means display, loosely translating into display of store for exchange of goods either through barter or money.

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