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We have an immense pleasure to let you know that we have completed our 29 years of journey. Yes...its been almost three decades, but it would not have been completed without your support. As you all know, we have started our journey since 90's. We have started when insurgency was the topmost issue in Northeast India. It was the time when Northeast India was not into limelight. Nor the people elsewhere were aware of the issues prevailing here. We took note of it and started a journey which was not easier to accomplish at that time. Still our focus and sheer determination flip above all ...and presented the first Northeast Magazine of India.

Eastern Panorama has seen every aspect of Northeast and its growth towards recognition. The esteemed magazine have tried to cover every issue in our publication right from insurgency, political turmoil to raising voice concerning the people as a whole touching all aspects of public spirited journalism. We have tried reaching out the remote regions voicing it to the Government ruling. When we turn our pages today, we feel proud to serve our readers with full dedication and dignity.

The journey does not end here; we are more determined to move forward with raising voices against unfair and strategic ideologies. There is a saying that change is a must with time, but not changes with our rooted cause, the cause to serve our readers with true facts and stories. We bring to you an analytical article in details together with ingredients compiled in one story.

We celebrate our 29 anniversary this time with the unsung heroes, heroes who have worked far from glamour to uplift the society. The real heroes tend to be anonymous often. They are the people with good souls whose contribution have made a difference in the society. With detailed analysis and research work we have brought them within the frame. Let’s celebrate these heroes and take inspiration from and inspire the rest. We all have that hero within us, so why not empower them borrowing a little bit of grit and gut from them!

These unsung heroes of our country are impacting thousands of lives, changing the way we think and making India truly a better place. Let’s ride on the journey of 29 extraordinary feats, who have moved our country forward.

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