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In India’s gossip-capital Kolkata, a very interesting story of a Bengali Babu losing door-key in a nearby dark bush yet searching it under the scant light of a lamp-post had been running for decades together.

Why is that man searching the key at a place where he did not lose it?

The story’s plot which we will evolve gradually runs fit in the case of Assam and the famous Destiny Address that Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru made on August 15, 1947.

On that day, two nations India and Pakistan were born.

With this, the story’s lost key, dark bush and lamppost’s scant light appears to fit in Assam’s case. This state’s tryst with Destiny made in 1947 created manifold problems that do not justify the Partition of India made on the basis of religion and mother tongue.

In the birth of two Pakistans – East and West -- the Congress and Muslim League played parental roles. Apparently, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Nehru performed the caesarean operation to make the births happen. Lord Luis Mountbatten played the role of an inexperienced midwife aiding Jinnah-Nehru duo to make the troublesome births possible after much bloodshed.  

After this, Assam faced the Tsunami of Bangla speaking refugees: both Hindus and Muslims.

Why Muslims? Was not East Pakistan the homeland of Bangla speaking Muslims? Why should they come to Assam? If the exodus of Muslims took place to Assam, what was the purpose of the Partition of India in 1947?

Was it, that the children of Jinnah who in 1947, sloganeered: Ladke Liye Pakistan, Hans Ke Lenge Hindustan….(we fought for Pakistan but will grab Hindustan very easily with mere laugh) trying to implement it in the case of Assam?

It is this question that the issues of mushrooming of Masjids and Madrasas, radicalization of Muslim youth and sneaking in of Jihadist members of Ansarullah Bangla Team and all other Bangladesh based Islamic terror groups comes in.

Let us briefly return to our Kolkata Babu who lost his home-key.  

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