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The regional parties in  Meghalaya, on their own have  not been able to make much headway, as a political entity, having a bad habit to be splintered. The United Democratic Party (UDP) leader Jemino Mawthoh, representative from Nongthymmai Constituency,  finds a solution that unity of the regional parties can come about with the dissolution of all these parties and forming a single  regional party in the whole state.  This is a dream which should be realized after the conclusion of the present elections, is the wish of Jemino. It would be more secure and meaningful for regional parties to come under the same roof and at the same time be more beneficial to the people in promoting and protecting regional interests as a whole. The regional titbits should be discarded according to his dream of a composite whole. Jemino is presently contesting as a regional party candidate and hoped to reorganize the regional set up, once the elections are over.