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Many aspiring candidates in the current elections, who could not manage to obtain party tickets, are bound to contest as independents, and can very well tilt the scales in the various battle electoral grounds and also in the outcome in forming a new government. Where these free lance and hop into any alliance is certain. Surely they would be welcomed in giving added numbers in the majority group that would be forming the government. Lambor Malngiang, a former KHNAM candidate is seeking to contest from the Nongkrem constituency.   He has predicted a fractured mandate, and that independents, would be sought after. During the last elections, as many as 13 independents were in the fray.  The winners had displayed price tags to add the numbers needed for the magic figure in formation the government.  This time also the winning independents would play their usual games, if the political parties fail to come to a decisive conclusion.  However it is up to the voters in the election field to use their perspective of the outcome of the polls.