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Saleng Sangma, an independent member of the assembly from Gambgre constituency has been upgraded as state Chief of the National Congress Party (NCP). Saleng has targeted Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, for having no interest in building up the state, specially the Garo Hills and was only interested in the laying of foundation stones. Within nine days in the month of January, five foundation stones were laid by the Congress Government. Curiously Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of the Tura Medical College, which is the second time. The first time for the medical college was laid at Balalgre, but the site was later abandoned for the new site at Tura.  On January 4, the Chief Minister inaugurated the New Umtru hydro electric project at Ri Bhoi but the function was boycotted by the people, as compensation was yet to be paid to the land owners for the project. Therefore the big question is, whether there would be any follow up action of implementation of the projects, where the foundations are laid, or whether this is only an election gimmick. Would the foundation stones canvassing impress the electorate? As many foundation stones laid, many year earlier, have become only mute remains, that have gathered only moss and creepers.