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The fact being, not only many of those belonging to a particular party are leaving, crossing the fence but also the other way round, being the return of the prodigal. Such a case is A.L.Hek, regarded as a pioneer in being a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), elected as a member of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly from Pynthorumkhrah, but later had gone over the greener pasture of the Congress and enjoyed the benefits of a ministerial chair. Today, A.L. Hek, has returned back to base to his familiar BJP home. Much more, he is the knight in armour, in protecting the honour of his parent party, that the BJP is a secular party and downplayed incidents of communal attacks occurring in some parts of the country.   He referred to a recent incident at Mylliem Shillong, when the crematorium of the Seng Khasi was vandalized. Yet he argues that this does not mean that Christians are against the Seng Khasi, as the incident was the handiwork of anti-social elements. A particular political party therefore cannot be singled out, for stray incidents. In conclusion A.L. Hek remarked that all political parties be it Congress, UDP, BJP, at the end of the day are working for the people.