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The long anxious wait is over, as finally the judgment date has been announced, that is February 27, when the 18,30,104 electorate of Meghalaya out of the total population of fifteen Lakh, would exercise right in electing their representative and the forming of a new assembly and government.  However the heart beats of the contestants are racing faster, in facing the battle ahead. The rush for tickets is still on, in front of the different political counters. The follow up action would be the finalization of the list of candidates of the parties and also the formal issuing of manifestoes. There would be promises galore of each candidate and parties. Yet it depends upon the wisdom of the people to be the best judge. Sixty seats in the assembly, is a small capacity in accommodating the aspirants, many of whom would not be reaching the finishing line. Yet the struggle, the fight would certainly kick up a lot of dust in the days to come. This time there would be an increase in the female contenders, who have gained more confidence in serving the people, like their own children in their hearths and homes. There would be those old and experienced horses in the race, yet this time there is nothing that can be taken for granted.