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Electoral Officer holds meeting with SBLC representatives

To curb money power in the upcoming election in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, the Chief Electoral Officer Mr F.R Kharkongor holds meeting with the representatives of the State Level Bankers Committee (SBLC) at his chamber.

The meeting is called to ensure that the instruction of the Election Commission of India on monitoring for withdrawal of money from banks during the election period is followed. This will also check the unusual and suspicious cash withdrawal or deposit of cash in a bank account of more than one lakh during the process of election without any such instance for the period of two months.

The Bank will monitor the unusual transfer of money through RTGS from one account to several people in the district or constituency during the election process without any precedent of such transfer. Any deposit of cash or withdrawal of cash exceeding one lakh from the bank account of candidates or spouse or his dependent as mention in the affidavit is available in the CEO’s website.


The Bank will monitor on any withdrawal of cash or deposit of cash, of more than one lakh in the account of the political party during the election process or any others suspicious cash transaction which might be used for bribing electors. This was done to curb the use of money power during election.