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The Congress, the BJP are going out alone, also there is no pre poll alliance, of most of the parties, except the two regional UDP and HSPDP, being the oldest party in the state, especially in the Khasi and Jaintia region, where these two parties have pockets of strong holds, in the 36 seats of the region.  The NPP is however having a foothold in many parts of Garo, which the party would have to face the strength of the Congress in many of the constituencies, especially Ampati, being the main base of the present Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, who at the same time cannot take things for granted. The UDP however would tie up with the Garo National Party, the oldest regional party in the western Meghalaya, contesting as many as 16 seats from the total 24.  The youngest regional party the PDF is aiming for 23 seats, in the Khasi-Jaintia region.The NCP is seeking an understanding with likeminded regional parties.Most of the familiar parties have experienced big wigs, while the green horns are spotted all over in the electoral scenario.