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In South Garo Hills, the Congress which has high hopes has suffered a setback.  The entire South Garo Hills camp has folded.  Members of the party feel that they have been entirely neglected and have in turnaround in supporting an independent candidate Samuel M. Sangma. The first casualty is the resignation of the Mahila District Committee President, Diana Marak, being a member of the party for the last fifteen years.  The sore feeling that right from the party high command and also the present Congress led state government, had given promises galore for development of the area, but nothing so far is in sight.  The District president committee Julias Sangma said that the Congress rulers had failed to initiate any development process, in spite of the fact that the region bordering Bangladesh lack connectivity. The Youth Congress President, Bughan Marak, had also resigned from membership of the party.  This treatment  of the Congress Government, has left a bad taste for the people of the area, who are now looking forward to  Samuel M. Sangma, to take up issues of the people, which has instil him the confidence of coming through the ensuing polls.