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The Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has taken a decision contesting from two constituencies in Garo Hills, Ampati his home constituency and also from Songsak. Whether this exercise is   an expression of lack of confidence or taking extra care, is a question which is best known to him. 

This   is against the claim of the party that it has ample candidates in contesting from each of the sixty seats.  It is there a reflection of contradiction? If so..whether the party would concede to this exercise of person contesting from two seats.  It is for the party Central Election Committee, to ponder on this point.The Chief Minister  seem to be playing his cards close to his chest, when he remarked that politicians  do not place all the cards on the table, because some of the cards have to be slipped under the sleeves.  However if the cards are favourable for both Ampati and Songsak, Sangma would have to discard one of the cards. But if both the cards do not match to his favour, it would be sheer hard luck, being the decision of dame fortune that would be in store for him.