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Congress workers in Chokpot constituency in South Garo Hills are certainly not in a happy mood, as they have resigned en-masse. The party ticket was given to Lazarus Sangma, instead of the sitting member Bluebell Sangma, which triggered off the rebellion of the party workers. More than 100 workers of the Mahila Block and Youth Congress have submitted their resignations from the party fold. Lazarus was considered to be an outsider not belonging to Chokpot.  The workers feel that they have been working hard for the party and expected that the ticket would be awarded to the right candidate, but their expectation was belied. It was also expected that in Tikrikilla in West Garo Hills, ticket would be given to Michael T. Sangma, an indepent who had joined the party, but he was denied, and instead the ticket was given to Jimmy D. Sangma. This had also created a sore feeling among the workers of the party. The party workers have decided to work instead for those candidates who they feel would win the elections.  It seems therefore that the party in Garo Hills is slipping away, instead of gaining grounds.