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Out of the many contenders to the elections, besides talking about the importance of health, education, roads and water taps, only two candidates have the bright idea in making their constituencies as  “Smart Constituencies ".  Mahendro  Rapsang of the Congress from the Mawprem constituency and Moonlight Pariat of the UDP from Jowai constituency, have vowed to  make their ideas practical Rapsang, says that till today in parts of Mawprem  people  have to use torch lights, the darkness which had intensified specially during the lunar eclipse night.  Bishop falls, has the potential of attracting tourists, and a shopping centre can be a delight for visitors in Mawprem.  Moonlight Pariat, said it is the desire from his very heart to make Jowai a smart constituency by the year 2003.  Jowai is presently congested, not only of coming up buildings but also the increasing traffic condition. Yet he would try to remove these impediments by giving serious thoughts in making Jowai a smart constituency of his dream.