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It is all within a family, battling in the election, the wife of Mukul Sangma Dikkanchi D. Shira of the Congress against NPP Chief Conrad K. Sangma brother in law Sajay A. Sangma, from the Mahendraganj constituency. Sanjay strategy is in terming Dikkanchi as an outsider not of the family but of the constituency. Yet both have to woo the voters as their children, a mixture of Garo, Koch, Hajong Bengali, Muslim, Hindus. Conrad has joined the fray not much of the feud, that if Sanjay is elected, the constituency would have double benefits of having a member of Parliament and a member of the assembly, under the same family group.  Congress workers of Mahhendraganj have however expressed unhappiness that Dikkanchi the sitting member have looked after only her domestic interests. Conrad had told the electorate, not to elect Mukul Sangmas wife. Already thirty prominent workers and leaders of the Congress,  have left the Congress and pledged allegiance to the NPP.