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'It would be the will of God, if he is chosen to be the next Chief Minister of Meghalaya', said Prestone Tynsong contesting from Pynursla as a NPP candidate. Prestone in reality do not have such an ambition but is anxious to see changes around. He added that he did not leave the congress to become the next Chief Minister. However in such a situation, if the Almighty wishes so, he would serve the people, according to the guidance of the divine creator. It is also up to the voters, to stick to their decision to support him till the last in achieving the goal of victory.  There is a hope that the NPP would cross the magic figure, with the support of the people who need a change for the better, especially those in the rural areas, the majority being farmers. Prestone assured Voting for the NPP, would reap a rich harvest to benefit all round progress.