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Something with a difference, the People's Democratic Party (PDF)  has  got hold of bike riders, to roar their engines, right into the constituencies where the party has put up  candidates,  including Mawsynram, where the PDF Chief Pynshngain N. Syiem is pitted against specially the Congress bureaucrat candidate Hima Shangpliang, also  the  UDP,  NPP, BJP and Independents. As the constituency comprise the Khasi State Hima Mawsynram area bordering Bangladesh, the area has the potential of  trade with the neighbouring country and  it is important to install export and import points, that would uplift the economy of Mawsynram, not only confining to internal development. There is also room for development of tourism, specially the cave where exist a natural Shivalinga, that attract people from all over the country. Most important however, is what P.N.Syiem aims to formulate a definite clear cut policies to bring about effective governance in the state.