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Flashback April 1994 - Congress (I) leaders at war with Governor

They are wild with the Governor for branding them supporters of insurgents in reports to the centre. They want revival of the assembly, in suspended animation from December 31, 1993, and restoration of a popular ministry by April. The Governor is adamantly opposed to this; having condemned the entire senior political leadership, he is engaged in a search for younger, untainted leaders to project as a better alternative.General Nayar, a former GOC of a specialist counter – insurgency division covering Manipur and Nagaland, of which he is also Governor now, runs the state administration along army lines. He depends on an inner circle of military, police and intelligence officers. He has little use of political leaders, and there are complaints of lack of access to him by public representatives and the local press.

“The Governor will not indulge politicians,” a union home ministry official here told Eastern Panorama. “They want the resumption of a ministry soon, but we won’t allow it,” the officer, a close adviser to the Governor, said.