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Flashback December 1993

Will Present Poll Alter Mizoram’s Electoral History?

Polarisation of political forces for the first time marks the one – day poll to the 40 member Assembly in Mizoram scheduled on November 30. Polarisation began last year in September when the two main opposition parties, the Mizo National Front (MNF) and the People’s Conference (PC), the earlier incarnation of the Mizoram Janata Dal, entered into a Cooperation Pact posing a serious threat to the ruling Congress (I). 

Moreover, the uncanny tendency of history to repeat itself haunted like a voodoo curse the Congress I in Mizoram where the electorate has never given a second successive term in office. The MNF – MJD pact, fortunately for the Congress I, floundered reportedly on the question of leadership of the government if the combine came to power after the polls. A new political alignment emerged between the MJD and the Congress I with limited electoral seat adjustment with the hope of piping the MNF and forming a coalition after the polls.