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Jadyn Maria

The glamorous, enchanting, and charming Singer Jadyn Maria. Maria was born in San Juan, but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee after moving there two years later. She was the oldest daughter born to Rosa and Dan, a Southern Baptist pastor. Her mother is Puerto Rican. Her family’s Christian background meant that she was immersed in Christian music and she began singing in church from the age of two. At the age of seventeen, Maria was signed to Sparrow Records, a Christian music subsidiary of EMI, after being spotted singing at a wedding, She was asked to record a cover of “With or Without You” with hip-hop group GRITS.Maria appeared in her friend, pop singer Katy Perry’s music video for “Hot n Cold” as a bridesmaid. She also co-wrote the title bonus track from Ashley Tisdale’s album Guilty Pleasure. The single, “Good Girls like Bad Boys” was released in 2009 and featured rapper Flo Rida and became the favourite video song of the music devotee.