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After India became independent in 1947, the Naga territory initially remained a part of Assam. However, a strong nationalist movement began seeking a political union of the Naga tribes, and extremists demanded outright secession from the Indian union. This movement led to a number of violent incidents, and in 1955 the Indian army was called in to restore order. In 1957, after an agreement was reached between Naga leaders and the Indian government, the Naga Hills region of Assam and the Tuensang frontier division to the northeast were brought together under a single unit directly administered by the Indian government. Despite the agreement, unrest continued in the form of noncooperation with the Indian government, nonpayment of taxes, sabotage, and attacks on the army. A further accord reached at the Naga People’s Convention meeting of July 1960 resolved that Nagaland should become a constituent state of the Indian union. Nagaland achieved statehood in 1963, and a democratically elected government took office in 1964.

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On the day of opening both the galleries for visitors, Directorate of Museums conducted a day long programme at it premises recently.

The programme commenced with the inauguration of two newly developed galleries, namely the "Mayurpokhyi Khel-Nao gallery" and the "Natural History Gallery". 

The Mayurpokhyi Khel-Nao gallery curated by Museum officer Mrinmoy Das displayed the beautifully painted khel nao used for offering pindojol of the founder Satradhikar of Kamalabari Satra, Sri Sri Badula Padma. 

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A  Bi-Cycle riding of 4097 Kms along Indo-Bangla border to cement the friendship on the Centenary Birth Anniversary of Father of Bangladesh, Majibur Rahman is a joy to see the spirit of participants.

Bangladesh is celebrating the birth centenary of its founder father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 

In view of the cordial relations prevailing between India and Bangladesh, Border Security Force guarding Indo-Bangladesh border, organised by - Maitri Cycle Rally in honour of Banga Bandhu Mujibur Rahman to show solidarity with the people of Bangladesh. 

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To revive the tourism industry in Sikkim ailing under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang said that the State Government would promote “Visit Sikkim 2022” year. Visit Sikkim is mainly focused on having tourists in Sikkim for the whole year, instead of season-based tourism endeavour in the State.


 “Visit Sikkim 2022 is aimed at marketing and promoting tourism. We want tourists from across the world to visit Sikkim throughout 2022,” said Chief Minister Tamang in a function at Gangtok. He stressed and encouraged to embrace the call of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' on creating goodwill with the tourists, so they revisit Sikkim. 

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