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Rivertis Pariong, a Meteorologist from Meghalaya is currently stationed in the continent of Antarctica along with a contingent of global researchers. South Africa is the last stop on the way to Antarctica where South Pole is located, the southernmost part of the planet, Earth. 

Pariong studying climate change reports that Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, whitest continent and 99.6 percent covered by ice with  creatures like penguins, seals, fishes, birds found.

He hails from West Khasi Hills and is a young philanthropist who has helped and encouraged local football clubs and destitute children in Shillong. He actively volunteered in serving the public during the covid-19 pandemic.  

In a message Bah (Mr.) Pariong said, "Yes, we take observations everyday about conditions of weather here for a long-term study. Winter time is from March to November in Antarctica. Nobody goes outside during the winter time. Too cold and unpredictable. There can be snow with high velocity wind anytime. During Blizzards, the wind speed is more than two hundred km per hour and sometimes with zero visibility. At our base, for two months there was no sunshine. It is called Polar Nights. On last week of July, sunrise will start for a short time and increase gradually day by day.  God has strengthened me throughout the harshest climate of Antarctica. But Antarctica is cleanest and beautiful creations of God".

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