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Mighty Teesta River, flowing through the Northeast India and holding key to the region’s prosperity through generation of power and other multipurpose projects, now has become the focal point of forthcoming Indo-Bangladesh talks.

The reason is long standing dispute between India and Bangladesh over sharing of its water. Dhaka wants lion’s share of water while Delhi is justifiably claiming more since the river originates in Sikkim. Dispute, as a result, continues.

Bangladesh also depends much on Teesta River as it also flows through this country like many other rivers which, though originated in India, terminates there. The stretch of Teesta River is about 121KM on which 21 million Bangladeshis depend. But India’s dependence on Teesta River is much more as it is the lifeline of Sikkim and North Bengal.

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The biggest paper mill under Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd in Assam’s Morigaon district has not seen any sign of rejuvenation even 6 years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s revival promise.
New Delhi assured a lot to the mill employees from time to time but all these later became a nightmare to them as government is found inching towards its hidden strategy of handing the mill over to some private parties. The mill’s shutter remains closed for the couple of years. Three mill employees committed suicide so far as they are deprived from the money they deserve from the government.

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