There is a need of ‘Anti-defection’ law in KHADC: Teinwell Dkhar

There is a need of ‘Anti-defection’ law in KHADC: Teinwell Dkhar

United Democratic Party (UDP) MDC Teinwell Dkhar toaday file the nomination for Chief Executive Member (CEM) post after his Executive Committee collapsed during the non-confidence motion moved by the Opposition on 20th November.

Speaking after the filing of nomination Teinwell Dkhar said that the main reason for the collapsed of the Executive Member (EM) is due to the lack of ‘Anti Defection law’

“We hope that in the near future the anti defection will be implemented in the District Council as to prevent unnecessary defection by any members of the house” Teinwell Dkhar added.

The former CEM went on to say that in any politics there will always be differences among its members but defection o another party is not the solution but instead members should indulge in debates rather that defecting to another party just for personal benefits.”In the near future we hope that the spirit of the 10th scheduled will also be include in the 6th schedule so that to frame anti defection laws which will prevent any members from defecting to another party in quick session Teinwell Dkhar concluded.