Meghalaya Youth Congress protest outside GHADC

Meghalaya Youth Congress protest outside GHADC

The Meghalaya Youth Congress today protest outside the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) in protest against the non-cooperation of the Chief Executive Member (CEM) Dipul Marak who refuses to resign and is absconding after they lost the floor test.

MPYC President Richard Marak said that the action of incompetence CEM by absconding is an absolute and blatant disregard for the democratic process. Their EC has already been voted out. They brought this upon themselves by their incompetence. Moreover, there was even an attempt to manipulate the number of votes after the fact. They should understand that GHADC is not their personal property that they can do anything at will."

Richard Marak also went on to say that under him the EC tries to subvert the process of tendering for the haats by illegal means, namely allotting them without free and fair process and signing the orders backdated, which would not be the first time.

"Our sources also tell us that certain high ranking staffs are doing the bidding of the Minister for District Council Affairs, James Sangma, on the promise of promotions and other benefits thereby allowing Dipul Marak and his EC to break the rules and loot the GHADC He added.

"Therefore, we demand that Dipul Marak and the EC that has been voted out take responsibility and resign following the very laws that they took oath to uphold when they were voted as Members of the District Council."