This day to day connectivity is, ofcourse the strength of Yogi Sarkar, at the same time very challenging too. But as yogi is percieved a man of extraordinary routine who gets up early in morning by 3.30 O’clock and end up by 11 O’clock at night without being tired. Though intentions by the opposition parties are challenged, yet yogi mainting smile on his face interacts situations.

It is a new trend in politics too that tenure is being limited to months, not the years. Like Friday filmy reviews, in media circles too, short term tenure is analysed. So in this light yogi Sarkar will show of its 100 days report card next month. However opposition has framed a very negative picture of this government. Ofcourse as the issue of law and order this regime is on back foot. Yet intention and approach is promising. The confidence of public is still intact for a better change. How long is a challenge...

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