Retired as Junior Commissioned Officer in 2007, Boro is now a farmer who is celebrated, revered and emulated. A scientifically managed Assamese lemon grove in Boko of Assam’s Kamrup district has become cynosure of all eyes. The grove is spread over 10-bigha land which is reflective of a passion of an ex-service man for farming. Boro cultivates paddy as well in his another 8-bigha plot of land. 

“Failing to refuse the call of Frontier I joined Indian Army in 1981 against the will of my mother, but my childhood fascination for farming remained dormant during my service to the nation. So, after serving in Army I have taken to farming in 2008,” Boro 54 told. “The orchard offers me the pleasure and peace of mind by keeping me busy,” Boro added. Boro does the spadework like post plantation management, harvesting and marketing. In the hour of need he employs manual workers. “I want to meet my match as a farmer in the youths of our society,” Boro told.

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