Railway The limping Iron Horse


Once upon a time more than one hundred years ago, the first attempt for rail connection was made south of the border from the plain areas of Khasi Hills from the trade centres of Pandua and Chhatak, now in Bangladesh, cutting across Hima Sohra right upto the capital, Sohra where one of the biggest market is located, that is Iewbah. Even today theChief Minister Mukul Sangma has mooted the idea of connecting Sohra by rail road. According to him, it would be the most sought after train ride especially for visitors and tourists, besides it would be a romantic ride for couples coming for honeymoon in the midst of natural beauty. The state government has therefore asked the Northeast Frontier Railway to connect Sohra by rail in the interest of tourism and also organic products grown in the area can be transported so that farming can get remunerative.