“Computational approaches in Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation” at NEHU

The IBRO/APRC Associate School 2017 on “Computational approaches in Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation” was organized from 5 to 10 June, 2017 in the University. The North East region occupies special attention in the country for the promotion and growth of diverse disciplines, opportunities to carry out research activities in frontline areas such neuroscience, neurobiology and neurochemistry among the students, scientists and young faculties working in this field. The region is in vicinity of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and other developing countries in Asia-Pacific region who require constant exposure, expertise and skills to improve their capabilities in fields of Neuroscience, Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation which is the theme of this six days IBRO/APRC Associate School.

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