THE KIDNAPPING Intrigue and Mystery

 Trisha, 2 year old baby of Roy Choudhury family living in Assam University campus, went missing in the afternoon of June 5 along with her maid caretaker Neha Bagdi (19). Trisha’s mother Dr Shatabhisha Roy Choudhury, medical officer of the Varsity, was at her work while her father Dr Shubhadeep Roy Choudhury, assistant professor, Department of Life Science, was abroad.

Perhaps, taking advantage of the baby being left alone as usual by her parents, the maid caretaker might have been lured to be a part of the design to kidnap the baby. Though Trisha was recovered after 5 days of her kidnapping from Khliehriat of Meghalaya, there is no information till date about Neha. Since no culprit or culprits have been arrested by the police, the question making round in civil circles is that Neha might herself have been kidnapped. Dr Shubhadeep Roy Choudhury returned just two days of Trisha’s kidnapping.

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