So was the case with a foot soldier of Assam’s Forest department who had a stint few years ago in the thick forest of Chandubi, a perennial wetland with a difference. Having bared his feelings, he revealed that the solitary, secluded environs of the jungle of Chandubi started to grip his heart, so was longing for the association of human being. But today the picture says a different story. There is woebegone look prevailing in the periphery of Chandubi. Alas! The yesteryear’s thick forest floor in and around Chandubi has become a thing of the past. “The famed terrestrial forest, the hill forests at the foothill of Meghalaya have fallen to the insatiable greed of highheeled syndicate logging,” local said. Now, we are left to pine for the glorious past of our forest that used to shelter the big cat species like leopard, clouded leopard, and Royal Bengal tiger. Nature activist Debojit Nafa, with laden heart, continued, gharial Gravialis gangeticus, one of the most primitive aquatic animals has vanished once and for all from the wetland; the Big cat met the same fate. To cap it all, all is not well with the remaining wild fauna and flora.

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