Genuine Anti-Tobacco legislation

Genuine Anti-Tobacco legislation

The two–day 31st General Conference of the influential Indian Medical Association (IMA), Mizoram Branch that was held recently in Aizawl had passed a resolution, urging the State government to properly implement the “Anti-Tobacco Legislation” in a bid to reduce cancer cases in Mizoram.

Mizoram IMA Branch Secretary Dr. Eric Zomawia said Mizoram still has the highest record of new cancer cases even through the state IMA Branch had adopted “Reduce Tobacco, Reduce Cancer” as its theme for the year 2007.

Dr. Zomawia went on to say that the Registry of Birth and Deaths reported that out of the 4649 deaths recorded during this year, 618 (13.3%) died from Cancer. “The State had a record of being the number one state in consumption of tobacco in the country (India)”, he said, adding 30 % of cancer victims in Mizoram contract dreaded cancer owing to excessive consumption of tobacco which clearly shows that to reduce cancer, the concerned authority should act fast in reducing the supply of tobacco products in the State .

Meanwhile, the IMA in its suggestion said that the state government must genuinely implement the Anti-Tobacco Legislation, which the central Government (New Delhi) has introduced and reportedly has been successfully implemented in different parts of the country. The IMA here in a statement rued that although this Act is implemented in Mizoram , there has been no arrest or actions taken by the government through this Act. They urged the State to initiate more action for the proper implementation of this Act to reduce tobacco and  simultaneously reduce cancer cases in the state.

Veejay Chhetri