special report

He said that such type of collaborative study is not only important for advancing knowledge but also gives an opportunity to know the culture, history, livelihood of the people, education system and flora and fauna of the other countries and also develop a sense of understanding between the two countries. This visit has opened many avenues and provided opportunity for the collaborative study at various levels. He asserted that it is high time that  we look to the east rather than only depending on the western countries in regard to education, trade and commerce considering the ‘Look East Policy’ of the Government of India.

Addressing the students of Mass Communication Prof. Bhattacharjee stated that the Communication Universities of China are huge, well managed, well advanced and very rich in terms of technology, infrastructure, palatial buildings, text books etc.

Talking about the Communication University he said that the Audio-Visual Studio of the university is huge like a five star hotel fully equipped with ultramodern sophisticated equipments along with innumerable digital cameras and lighting system for studio production and practical work of the students. The University offers many interdisciplinary courses such as Media Ecology, Media Economy, International Journalism, Comparative Journalism, Information Technology, Radio and Television Journalism, Internet Journalism, Electronic Communication and media Ethics related to the profession, he added.

Discussing his future plans he said that there is a plan for national and international MOU with various prestigious universities and academic institutions in the country to facilitate collaborative study and research. He informed that a letter of intent has already been signed between Assam University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, in the discipline of Mass Communication and Media studies considering and identifying the thrust areas of the subject in both countries on the basis of exchange of students and teachers, Joint Research Projects, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences lectures through Video Conferencing and opening an International Centers of Media Studies and Confucius and Buddhist Religious Center. Similarly the process is on with three other Chinese Universities to sign a MOU for such collaborative study in the subject of language, social sciences and information technology in order to give international exposure to the students and scholars as well as international status to the university. As a result another prestigious university of China the Shenyang Normal University has responded promptly and is looking forward to collaborative study with Assam University in the field of teaching Chinese language and other Indian languages at certificate and diploma level and joint research in traditional culture of both countries.

Disclosing his next academic visit to Canada he emphasized the need to explore the possibility of MOU with some Canadian Universities of international academic repute. Giving his view of the university students he said they should be the focal point for the development of the region to harness their energy properly. “Exposure to other cultures is vital for them and that is why I am taking the initiative to start such programmes in collaboration with other foreign and Indian Universities as well as the Government Department. Even in India we have signed MOU with various universities.” Prof. Bhattacharjee further said that in order to facilitate and promote the process of exploring the possibility of more national and international collaborations, he had recently formed a National and International Academic Cooperation Cell in the university.

He said that since Assam University is in its infancy stage therefore, many things have to be done in due course of time for strengthening the University to fulfill the cherished dreams and expectations of the people and nation and also to get the status of high excellent temple of learning. He stressed on stream lining of teaching, development of infrastructure, design of new and need-oriented academic calendar, to revise and modernize the syllabi in different courses as per the needs of the region and the nation. Similarly,  the creation of new schools, centers and departments is also being planned under XIth five year plan.

Asserting his views he said that he is always ready to hear out genuine demands of the students or faculty members or non-teaching staff and sincerely wishes to provide a better future and facilities but he needs their cooperation to succeed. He said that he has a plan to constitute committees and some are constituted to initiate and promote academic, cultural and extra curricular activities among the students.