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Flash Back April 1997

Manipur Cops Involved in Nacrotics Trafficing

Seven personnel of 6Bn Manipur Rifles posted at Yaingangpokpi to guard the electrical property there quietly left along with their service guns and travelled to Bihar to escort one truckload of ganja (hashish). It may sound strange to the readers in other states but it is nothing new in Manipur as the criminal nexus among some ministers, high police officials, businessmen has been patronizing the smuggling of ganja to Bihar and other states for several decades. The kingpins of this narcotic trade have already become millionaires.

It is not possible on the part of the low – rung Manipur Rifles personnel to leave their posts along with their service guns for 10 to 15 days to escort truckloads of ganja without a tacit instruction from police higher – ups. As is widely known, each of the Manipur Rifles personnel is paid Rs. 80,000 for the services rendered. In any case, not a single one of the personnel who were arrested in the past has been punished. Whatever official inquiry had earlier been initiated under pressure was closed after the first step and the top ranking police officers responsible for the crime were never identified.

The world would never have known of this thriving underworld business had it not been for the fact that some drunk Manipur Rifles personnel shot dead one CID personnel of West Bengal at Siliguri when he demanded his pound of flesh. The persons involved in this racket keep this roaring business a closely guarded secret.

One such Manipuri Rifles team was having a sumptuous lunch at Siliguri on their way back to Imphal from Patna. . . . . . . . . . .