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Flash Back January 1998

Chief Minister and Chief Secretary under cloud of suspicion

The golden jubilee of India’ independence is just the scenario to take a critical look at the north-eastern border lands which form the bottom-line between the rule of law and disintegration; good governance and a shoddy administration. The mushroom growth of militant outfits among the hill tribes, plains tribals, ethnic groups and the “marginal” tribes (led by the late Rani Gaidiliu) was, and is disturbing since they can be misled and exploited by bigger and relatively less inhibited underground groups which claim to be ideologically motivated and committed to fighting New Delhi’s neo-colonialism and tyranny to the bitter end. The political leaders are no less career-minded than their counterparts in other states; corrupt and opportunistic, they and the community at large were skeptical of Gujral’s competence and mandate and seriously concerned over the lack of understanding or ignorance of a policy line on north eastern affairs.  Ideological motivation, bringing the rebels under the Moist umbrella, was soft pedalled to accomodate Christian sentiment. Whereas the MNF (Mizo National Front) was  lukewarm to feelers from the Shanti Bahini, the armed wing of the Chakmas, to undergo weapon training . . . . ..