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Flash Back December 1997

Chief Minister and Chief Secretary under cloud of suspicion

Independent observers here discern the same motive behind starting of CBI investigation and filling of FIR against Assam Chief Secretary V. S. Jafa, IAS for his alleged involvement in a scam of the TRIFED, an apex level co-operative for tribal welfare, in 1990. At that time Mr. Jafa was the Executive Director of the national level co-operative body. Filing of the FIR against him in the second half of 1997 is intriguing. It also passes one’s comprehension as to why the CBI had not filed any FIR against the senior officer (since retired), who as the Managing Director had passed orders for procurement of product from some tribal areas of Assam involving the alleged irregularities for which Mr. Jafa is now being proceeded against.

It is pertinent to recall that the TRIFED Managing Director had ordered procurement operation in the tribal areas of Assam over-ruling the advice given from the Welfare Ministry at that time. If the Executive Director V. S. Jafa was at fault at that time , the Managing Director was at greater fault as the decision was the Managing Director’s. The CBI’s silence about the then TRIFED Managing Director’s role has made the FIR against Mr. Jafa suspect.......