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Flash Back April 1997

Manipur Cops Involved in Nacrotics Trafficing

Seven personnel of 6Bn Manipur Rifles posted at Yaingangpokpi to guard the electrical property there quietly left along with their service guns and travelled to Bihar to escort one truckload of ganja (hashish). It may sound strange to the readers in other states but it is nothing new in Manipur as the criminal nexus among some ministers, high police officials, businessmen has been patronizing the smuggling of ganja to Bihar and other states for several decades. The kingpins of this narcotic trade have already become millionaires. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back April 1997

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Flash Back March 1997

Arunachal sentinel on McMahon line

The McMahon line is a configuration of an imaginary line drawn on the Himalayan range towards its eastern extremity of Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh, drafted by Sir Henry McMahon, was accepted as the dividing line between India and Tibet at the tripartite conference held in 1914 at Simla by the then British India, China and Tibet. The Tibetan representative Mr. Lohchen Shatra accepted the proposal and signed it. The Chinese representative Mr. Ivan Chan did not and kept their decision pending.

The question of validity of the McMahon line was raised by China after ten years of India’s independence. Even in 1929 when the Simla convention of 1914 was published in Achaesons Treaties it was not challenged by the Chinese authorities. China had later not only refused formal recognition of the McMahon line but claimed all of Arunachal Pradesh up to the Himalayan foothills and declared this a ‘disputed territory’. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back March 1997

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Flash Back February 1997

An Outstanding Karate - Ka

Banshanlang Kharumnuid, a student of class XII in St Anthony’s College, Shillong, has emerged as an outstanding karateka of the country. He joined karate at the age of 9 and within a short span he acquired skills so fast in the art that he earned a Black Belt Sho 1st Dan at the examination held at Delhi in January 1990, at the age of 10 years 10 months, the youngest karate – ka ever known in India to hold such a degree in that style. From then onwards, he excelled by winning medals year after year successively in National and Regional tournaments. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back February 1997

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Flash Back January 1997

Tripura Floating on Gas

As Tripura, the smallest state in the region jutting out of the map of the Northeastern region is celebrating the silver jubilee of its statehood, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is also celebrating its silver jubilee of starting exploratory drilling which began in 1947 in the state forming part of the frontal folded belt on the western flanks of the Assam – Arakan basin, considered to be rich in hydrocarbons. This region also includes parts of Greater Sylhet and even Comilla districts of Bangladesh.

So far, 81 wells including the Rangte 1 well in Mizoram have been drilled in seven of the fifteen prospects identified. A total of 41 wells have proved to be gas bearing, 36 dry and four wells are to be tested for their status. Drilling of these wells has established gas reserves of over 30 billion cubic metres (BCM) on April 1st 1996 as against the recoverable reserve as on the same date which is of the order of over sixteen and a half BCM. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back January 1997

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Flash Back December 1996

Subcontinent’s Longest Cave

A joint team of four Germans and members of the Meghalaya Adventure Association while exploring a nearby natural cave system at Lumshnong in the Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya stumbled upon what they claim to be the longest ever cave system in the subcontinent.

The cave, locally known as Krem – Um – Lawan, extends to a surveyed length of 6,381 metres with scope for further extension. With a surveyed depth of 108.8 metres, it also has the distinction of being the deepest cave in the Indian subcontinent. There are about 200 caves in Meghalaya and only 50 of them have so far been explored, according to the Secretary of the MAA Mr. B. B. Kharpran Daly who led the joint expedition in the Jaintia Hills. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back December 1996