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Katy Perry and Russell Boyd’s Security as Over-the-Top as Their Wedding

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s six-day wedding extravaganza at the Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India is an example of pulling out all the privacy stops. Guests not part of the wedding party, hotel staff included, are vacated from the premises, no cameraperson can come within one kilometer of the Taj, the hotel is cordoned off by police, security and additional special security from abroad. Everyone regardless of their status is checked for any type of camera, hidden or visible, and if they are not among the invited guests, it is confiscated. For their surely equally fabulous honeymoon, the couple is rumored to be planning a visit to Mauritius and the Maldives.

Who’s with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or John Mayer?

Kim Kardashian recently turned 30 and although she claimed her dating life was “nonexistent” it was recently in Vegas that this is not entirely true.

She’s been linked to both Kanye West and John Mayer. So what’s the real deal?

She did indeed hang out with Kanye yet again in Chicago, attending a screening of his film Runaway at the Icon.

“Kim stopped in for 15 minutes and said hi,” a source close to the reality star says. “They’re just friends.”

But the two also had a friendly dinner after the screening at Bijan’s Bistro.

And Kim’s managed to make another new pal while shooting in NYC. As unlikely as this pairing sounds, she has been out with John Mayer a few times recently.


Katrina’s schoolmates let her copy homework

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif longs for the carefree time of her college life when she did not even need to get concerned about homework thanks to her friends, a Pakistani newspaper recently reported.

“When I entered an engineering college at 16, I had not even thought of a Bollywood career. In this time, I had no need to get worried about homework as my friends themselves let me copy their homework,” Katrina said.

Katrina said she felt nostalgic for those days “free from any check and full of merriment.”

“But now, it is not like that. Everything has changed. Having become part of the film and modelling community, I have to think a lot before taking any step,” she said.