Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


April is a special month for the family of Eastern Panorama. Not only because, in almost every part of India, the Spring Harvest festival of Vasaikhi is celebrated in the month of April, which is named differently by different communities and regions. In Assam it is celebrated as ‘Rongali Bihu’, ‘Chapchar Kut’ in Mizoram, ‘Losar’ in Arunachal Pradesh, ‘Shad Suk Mynsiem’ in Meghalaya, ‘Poila Boishak’ or ‘Naba Barsha’ for the Bengalis of West Bengal and North East, ‘Vaisakha’ in Bihar, ‘Vishu’ in Kerala and a lot more.

We celebrate the month of April precisely because our publication was started in April 1992 and since then, we are on our job. This month we will be accomplishing 29 years of publication. It’s time for me to say Thank You to all our Advertisers, Subscribers, Readers and Staffs for making us reach this milestone.

To mark this special occasion, our research team investigated and identified 29 personalities of India who are little known, yet made a significant impact and contribution to the nation. Eastern Panorama salutes their selfless contribution to the nation. Whether it is a woman, a handicapped person, an old man or woman, everybody has a potential to serve the nation and bring dignity to life.

Nowadays there is a much talk about ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. There is a need to be Atma Nirbhar (self reliant) in the field of cosmetics, where we import cosmetics worth more than a billion dollar. We have all products for beautification and replace these chemical based cosmetics which give an adverse effect on the skin texture of the person using it. For example, in Indian culture, turmeric is long used as a beauty regime and in all Hindu marriages it is applied to both the bride and groom ceremoniously. It is interesting to note that in the remote Manipur, one Jina Khumjum, often known as Manipur’s ‘Herbal Healer’, has started manufacturing Herbal soap and got it patented. Making soap and getting it patented is no big job, but it certainly is encouraging that in a remote corner in India, a lady could get it done. This is indeed an inspiring story which we have highlighted in this issue and will be of great encouragement to our readers. With this, we present our 29th Anniversary Special Issue before you.


Dr. K.K.Jhunjhunwala