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Letter From The Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,
Independence Day is indeed an occasion to celebrate and greet each other. However, due to insurgency and other factors, the celebration had remained at low ebb in the Northeastern Region. The silver lining is that it has started gaining momentum. 
It is important for the majority of the population who were born after independence to reflect on what the independence of the country means. The lack of knowledge can only lead to a dilution of the spirit of independence. The youth have to be involved and taught as to how the independence of the country was obtained through the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.
In this issue of Eastern Panorama which is also our routine Independence Day Special, we have focused on the people who are making a difference to the plight of the under privileged, people who need special care and attention. In spite of the fast materialistic approach in the recent years, it is heart warming to see that there are people like Ms. Keepu Lepcha and Mr. Niketu Iralu, Mr. Nabir Sen, the villagers of  Kherkabari, Deohati, Soutaki, and organisations such as GIN-FED  who have worked tirelessly and are still working towards bringing smiles to the faces of these people who need special care and concern. This issue is dedicated to these people and we at Eastern Panorama salute them for their exemplary service to the community. There are many such people who are rendering an outstanding service to the community. However in spite of our best efforts, they could not be features in this issue, many of them prefer to stay out of the limelight, some of them, fearing that something adverse will be written about them. This is, of course, not their fault as the media has by and large developed an image of being a negative reporter and it is indeed sad to say that this has become a major part of the trade.
We congratulate our readers and well wishers on the occasion of the Independence Day and extend our greetings to them.
A bomb blast here and an agitation there will not defeat the spirit of freedom.
Let us keep our spirits high and enjoy this milestone of 61 years of Independence.

Dr. K. K Jhunjhunwala
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