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Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh inaugurated the smart fencing  BOLD QIT ( Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique), a technology solution to seal the border at Barmanpara border area of Dhubri district with Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal on March 5.

 After inauguration, Singh and Sonowal addressed a public meeting at Dhubri Sports Complex (Stadium) and elaborately explained as how this technology would work towards sealing the border completely.

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Meghalaya A Global S p o t Nature’s History

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Meghalaya, the home of the Hynniewtrep and Achik races in the back waters of the North eastern region of India is known all over the world, where Sohra receives the heaviest rainfall, appropriate to the state’s name, as the ‘land of clouds’.

Nature has endowed, the vast stretch of the land with about 2,000 caves and more to be discovered, mostly of limestone formation, as the state and surroundings wee once beneath the sea of the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean.

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AGP-BJP alliance

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Around two months back Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) walked out of the alliance with BJP in protest against the saffron brigade’s unflinching support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016.

Now, just on the eve of Lok Sabha elections, why AGP took this 180 degree turn. Few months back the AGP leaders were seen hitting the streets across Assam with posters and banners against the citizenship bill. Really, it’s very difficult to read the mood of the politicians which keeps on swinging.

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Pune’s Inspirational couple

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A couple from Pune, in their mid 50s - one an accomplished agricultural scientist with over 30 years of field experience and his wife, a committed educationist - have been living in Aben, an extremely remote village, for almost 2 and half year in Manipur’s most backward district, Tamenglong, studying the impact of Jhum cultivation on the lives of the Zeme tribe, who inhabit the village to counter the challenges that the hill people of region are facing by offering an viable alternative cultivation, a  climate-change smart sustainable method of agriculture.

 Sloping Agriculture Land Technology or Small Agro-Livestock Land Technology or SALT in short, is what the couple is successfully introducing in the village with encouraging results, leading to increasing the productivity of the hill farmers and enhancing their income by introducing integrated system of farming.

 Aben is tucked so far away, untouched by modern civilization and villagers rely primarily on shifting or jhum cultivation and the forest for their sustenance. With the region receiving eight months of rain in a year and given the pathetic conditions of the inter-village roads, 4×4 vehicle or foot is the only means of communication to Aben during monsoon.

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H. G Ley is an Andhra Pradesh base Neuro-linguistic programmer and magician on effectiveness of magic in education. Here is his extract during his demonstration in Shillong.  

I am H.G Ley and since 35 years I’m in this field of performing magic show. Magic is an effective medium of communication which always appeals to the unconscious mind. Children know that listening to teachers and following their instructions is important for learning but not everyone can follow these instructions. Children are more curious when education is link to magic. Hence magic with education can help children attain their consciousness and curiosity in learning.

My inspiration to perform magic is to entertainment children, it’s not about self satisfaction. I conduct perform for various school children, I also educate children via magic by making it entertainment. There is a sense of wonderment and drama attached which makes the child curious, sharpens his imagination and he/she then starts thinking and raising questions. This ways their understanding of concepts is better.

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